National Acquisition Specialists

We work hard to keep you working; trust our profossionals to handle all of your procurement needs.


Our direct from manufacturer approach allows us to provide your organization with the highest quality products at the best possible value for your departments.

Our team takes time to build relationships and works to understand your needs and make them our own. Not only do we work to provide your business with the products you need, but always with you in mind.

Our Products

Whether out in the field or inside City Hall, we want to be able to provide your people with the products they need to keep the operation going.

From the library to the squad cars, our aim is to equip each member of your city’s team to execute their role to the fullest. Read More


Office equipment to heavy machinery, and power supply we want to be last stop to fulfill your municipality’s goals.

Facilities & Maintenance Supplies

We provide all of the tools and supplies that your departments need to maintain efficiency and stay productive.

Construction Materials

We provide both bulk aggregate and building materials to support both your water treatment and utilities plants.

Safety & Security

Munitions, video and surveillance, or safety lights we work with leading manufactures to equip your departments.